Although launched last year, the amazing BMW 5 Series leasing luxury car won many awards

The BMW 5 series saloon was launched only last year but it claimed a lot of awards due to its stunning design and performance. Compounded by brilliant prices, BMW 5 Series Leasing took the market by storm. The car received the 2018 Best Luxury Car Award in the UK, which is no small feat; considering the tough competition it faced. The new chassis of the car is based on the cluster architecture and there is a new interior design incorporating air suspension, which adds to the modern look and luxurious feel of the car.

When it comes to performance, the BMW 5 series saloon is no push over – it has a mighty 456 horsepower engine and accelerates from 0 – 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds. The engine bay has extra padding, which prevents even the slightest noise to enter the cabin. Luxurious, stylish, comfortable and remarkable – the BMW 5 series saloon is one of the quietest cars around. Along with so many luxuries and excellent design, the car is priced under £50,000, which is considered quite big in the UK.

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Of course, the 5 Series is the newest model in the segment right now and with a new Audi A6 coming out this year, things might change but it remains to be seen which one of the classic German trio will rise above all others.

Author: Gabriel Nica

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