100% Guaranteed Acceptance

100% Guaranteed Acceptance on Flexihire Guaranteed Car Leasing contract




Brand New Vehicles

Sound Good?

Then our FlexiHire contract is just what you are looking for! With it’s flexible contract length and fast turnaround time to get you into your new car, FlexiHire is a modern way to drive a brand new vehicle with bad credit.

Our FlexiHire leasing contract provides you with a range of new cars and vans on flexible hire terms.

If you have poor credit, do not want to be tied in for a long term or quite simply like the idea of changing your car on a frequent basisCar Lease and Go have the perfect vehicles and contracts for you.

It does not matter what your credit score says.

We can help you drive away a brand new car or van.

Which Non-Status Contract is right for you?



FlexiDrive from Car Lease and Go is the flexible and easy way to drive a brand new car, even if you have poor credit.

FlexiDrive also has a number of additional benefits for individuals and businesses. Get a brand new car every 6 or 12 months with no new large initial payment when you roll over into your new FlexiDrive vehicle. You can also have your car delivered in less than 7 days!

Although FlexiDrive is not Guaranteed Acceptance, we do not carry out a credit check on personal applicants. FlexiDrive is also available for a business. Whether your business is long established or you have only recently started trading, no accounts needed, FlexiDrive could be for you. We have a wide range of vehicles including SUV’s, Hatchbacks and Hot-Hatches.

With Delivery in as little as 7 days, call now to secure your new car on 0151 433 2818.



With Flexihire your credit history doesn’t matter, you are guaranteed to be accepted for a short term car lease for a brand new vehicle. We don’t credit score or credit check on this contract. All you need is a valid UK driving licence and to be over 21 years old! After that we can arrange for delivery of your brand new vehicle.

Your credit history is not important, you can even have Defaults, Missed Payments, CCJ’s, Debt Relief Order, Bankruptcy, IVA, Trust Deeds, or be in a Debt Management Plan. This is all okay with us.

To learn more, talk to one of our non-status car leasing experts on 0151 433 2818

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