FlexiDrive Car Subscription Service

The new cost-effective and flexible alternative to car ownership or leasing.

✅   Brand New Cars
✅   Free UK Delivery
✅   Choose Your Colour
✅   Available for Good & Bad Credit
✅   Flexible Terms
✅   No Hidden Costs
✅   Road Tax & Manufacturer Warranty Included
✅   Cars Available from as Little as 6 Months
✅   Always be Behind the Wheel of the Latest Car

How Car Subscription Works

Chose a subscription car and keep it from as little as 6-months to as much as 12, depending on your choice of vehicle!

Vehicles are available with up-to 30,000 miles per/annum mileage allowance.

FlexiDrive Subscription Vehicles are delivered and collected free-of-charge nationwide. 

This means your choice of subscription car is not limited by where you live.

The most important step! 

Enjoy your brand new vehicle for your contract term or return it at any of the 3-month intervals in your contract.  

Every three months you can return your vehicle & end your subscription with no penalty.

At the end of your first vehicle contract term you can swap into a new vehicle with only a £180 document fee.

Receive your next vehicle with no large upfront fee! You only need to pay the normal monthly price on your second FlexiDrive vehicle. 

You can then do this to drive as many new vehicles as you want!

available 107 cars

Good & Bad Credit Car Subscriptions

Car Subscriptions from Car Lease & Go are available for individuals and businesses with both good and poor credit histories. For individuals this means that you can secure a brand new car even if you have CCJ’s or Defualts. Businesses can even be new-start businesses with no published accounts.

Flexible Car Subscription Service.

The FlexiDrive Car Subscription is designed to give ultimate levels of flexibility on brand-new cars. When you choose a car you will also choose a rotation period that is between 6-12 months. At the end of this term you can swap into a new car or van for no large initial payment and only a £180 document fee. If your circumstances change, you also have the option to cancel your contract at three months intervals with no penalty!

Free Delivery in as little as 7 Days!

With our streamlined paperless application process, you could be behind the wheel of your brand new subscription car  in as little as 7 days.

No Large Initial payment on Renewal

When you finish your first rotation period and swap into your next car you benefit from only paying the normal monthly payment on your subscription.

Choose your Colour from our wide range of cars

Choose your colour in advance on our wide range of cars. These include a massive selection of metallic paints.

Brand New Cars

All of the FlexiDrive Subscription Cars are completely brand new, direct from the manufacturer unless specified. This means you have the peace of mind knowing you are driving the latest in automotive technology.

Car Lease & Go Subscription Services

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