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CES: Cars of the Future

We explore all of the exciting news that came out of CES 2020 and we look at the cars of the future that we may be seeing around our roads in the near future

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the place to be if you are in the tech industry. The CES website itself states that it is the “world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies,” and that it “served as a proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years.” Increasingly, car companies and automotive technology is finding a new home at the Consumer Electronics Show and it now holds prominence on the show’s website homepage and almost dominates the show entirely

Car manufacturers like to show off their latest automotive technology at CES, demonstrating their vision of the “car of the future,” which usually includes a multitude of sensors, connectivity and interactive touchscreens. Here are some of the big highlights from CES that show what our cars of the future are going to look like.


Mercedes Vision AVTR



Mercedes is known for delivering some of the best quality and automotive technology in the industry. Indeed, their flagship Mercedes S-Class is one of the most popular limousines to lease in the UK thanks to its exceptional features. However, their Vision AVTR takes this dedication to forward thinking design to the absolute extreme!

Hilariously inspired by the James Cameron film Avatar, the Vision AVTR theoretically allows some of the drivers features to be activated with your mind! There is also no steering wheel. A central control panel allows you to control the car via a biometric interface. This allows the driver and car to “merge” so that it can recognise user intent via micro expressions, breathing and heartbeat. There is also a projected menu on the drivers hand that, through thought alone, can be used to select other options.

The Vision AVTR also includes a massive sweeping all-screen dashboard, and instrument culture that replaces all other controls. The car is fully electric and should be the height of sustainability. If cars of the future all look like this, we will be very happy!


Sony Vision-S

Sony is not a car company. With this first “prototype” that may soon change!



The Sony Vision-S looks like a standard yet well designed consumer vehicle. However, it clearly shows the width and breadth of Sony’s technological arsenal. Sony has included a wide range of technology in this futuristic vehicle including cameras, telecommunications and advanced sensor technology.

The interior sees the inclusion of three touchscreens that dominate and span the entire length of the dashboard. These reportedly features a well-designed operating system that is intuitive and easy to use – possibly a sign that Sony truly wants to push into the futuristic automotive technology space to be an intrinsic part of cars of the future.


Fiat Centoventi

Fiat is an established name and because of it, you may not have considered it a place to look to find the car of the future. All that has changed because in all likelihood the car of the future is the Fiat Centoventi.



The Centoventi is designed to be similar in size to the popular Fiat Panda and to provide even more utility. With a fully adaptable open cabin and the dashboard holes that let you add multiple add-ons, there is no option that has this level of customisability and personality.

The Fiat Centoventi will reportedly have a maximum range between 60-360 miles on a single charge allowing you to order a Centoventi to suit your specific needs. Do you only need a city car? Go for a cheaper 60-mile version. Do you do a lot of motorway miles? Order a 360-mile Centoventi.

Customisability is the main feature of the Fiat Centoventi. To this aim you can also order a fully convertible version with even more Italian flair and style than the Fiat 500.