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This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Range Rover is one of the most well established luxury brands. The British firm’s wide range of SUV’s and 4×4’s have shaped the entire landscape for the segment, setting the standard that all luxury SUV’s aspire to beat.

This has made Land Rover and Range Rover Leasing a popular option for many individuals and business’ in the UK with particularly good Range Rover Evoque Leasing Deals being available on Bad Credit car leasing.

The Luxury car company have now released their latest version of the popular Range Rover Evoque!

This particular vehicle is so popular that Range Rover’s parent company Jaguar Land Rover, produces a new Range Rover Evoque every 170 seconds at its Halewood facility, which is less than a mile from our own offices in South Liverpool!


Range Rover Evoque Styling

The New 2019 Range Rover Evoque translates the modernist design language used by the Range Rover Velar to this compact SUV. The rounded front end of this new design language is blended with the outgoing models muscular profile to create a rising beltline and falling roofline which results in a modern, sporty and multi-utility effect. This imposing side profile is assisted by the inset door handles, borrowed from the Velar which cements the modern design architecture and improves the aerodynamic efficiency of the Evoque.


Headlights on the New Range Rover Evoque


Other features that move over from the Velar include the new headlight design and the optional Matrix LED headlights with adaptive Highbeam assist. This means that individual sections of your Highbeam are turned off automatically to ensure other road users are not dazzled. This increases the safety for other road users and ensures you have the best possible view of the road at all times by removing the requirement to dip your beams.


Range Rover Evoque Interior

The New Range Rover Evoque has been designed to fuse an air of sophisticated elegance and clean uncluttered elegance. We expect the quality to be exemplary as in other vehicles by Jaguar Land Rover.

Indeed, a new Range Rover Evoque Lease vehicle can be equipped with a fully panoramic glass roof to bathe the interior cabin with natural light.

The New interior also features Land Rover’s Touch Pro Duo system. This system reserves a touchscreen for media and interconnectivity tasks such as phone calls and media, while dedicating a second screen to vehicle settings such as driving modes, massage seats and climate controls. These features can be controlled by not only touch input, but voice controls and ‘hidden’ buttons on the steering wheel which change according to the task required.

Additionally, following the advancements made by Audi in its Virtual Cockpit, The Range Rover Evoque features a 12.3″ High Definition Driver Instrument Display. This Screen replaces the traditional analogue instrument dials and can inform the driver of expected information such as speed, revs and fuel level. It also enables the displaying of other information such as satellite navigation, cruise control status and media selection. This makes driving around a city both easier and safer as information is located in a more accessible area of the cabin.

Making its debut on Land Rover/Range Rover products, the New Evoque can also be specced with a full colour Heads-up display (HUD) which can display information such as speed and satellite navigation prompts. This builds on the developments made with the 12.3″ Instrument Display and is a fantastic pairing that eliminated the need to avert your eyes from the road.


Range Rover Evoque Technology

Available Range Rover Evoque Leasing Deals can be equipped with an optional smart phone app. This allows the Climate and car central locking to be remotely controlled. Additionally, the location of the vehicle is stored in the app incase you are unable to find it in busy parking locations.

This app is also combined with the smart-key to record the driver’s media and interconnectivity settings as well as seat and steering wheel positions which are recalled as soon as you enter the vehicle!

Another new addition to the Land Rover and Range Rover product range is the ClearSight Ground View. This Software managed view effectively makes your bonnet ‘see-through’. This can help with traversing difficult off-road environments or navigating tight spaces when driving in the city centre.

The Range Rover Evoque also sees the addition of a ClearSight Rear Camera! This camera system lets you alternate between a physical mirror and a aerial mounted camera image. This ensures you always have full rear visibility, regardless of the rear window size or any cargo you may be carrying.